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    It was monstrous, like something out of a horror movie.

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  • Rubbing her eyes, she wondered if she was still dreaming, but another look at the foot of the bed showed her that a harry dog was indeed trudging through the room. Jason knew that Lucas understood Celeste s motives, but never felt threatened enough by her to end her life.
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  • He glanced around their surroundings; no one seemed to think the scene 18 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story looked suspicious. Confident she was sleeping, he entered her room through the open window, approached the single bed she lay in and stared down at her.
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  • Wow said Jason with an edge of surprise in his voice, She really sucks. She slipped her hand around the crook of his arm.

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    He put his brown hat on and turned to the group. Linda looked at him, alarm on her face, I lost the cross.

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